Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Progress

"The significance of the work is in its effort not in its intentions.  And the effort is a state of mind, an activity, an interaction with the world"  Frank Stella

"We paint to discover ourselves, to explain our deepest nature"  Jacques Villon
Quotes from The Artist's Mentor edited by Ian Jackman

Pictured are my new works in process.  The first part of the journey is complete and now the surface glazing will begin.


  1. Hi Michelle! looks fabulous - you're fast! Glad I found you (through Jen Brazelton's new blog). Look forward to regular visits here.

  2. Hi Michelle, so wonderful to have a work in progress blog... goodness when do you find the time.
    amazing work.
    i loved spain too... did you go to Alhambra>>
    colour in glaze, my favourite pastime.....
    hope to see ou soon.