Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Alcazar in Seville

 I am waiting for my kiln to reach its temperature and hoping for some good color results inside.  Was thinking about how ceramists are so superstitious and how we like to have kiln gods in place during firings. In addition to my kiln god, these photos are my tribute to COLOR in glazes.

 Is there anywhere more magnificent to spend an afternoon than a place like the Alcazar in Seville?  Imagine the smell of oranges and flowers perfuming the air.
 Imagine the sound of water.
 The geometry and pattern of these colored tiles with their lyrical splendor bring such delight.  How these sights will influence me remains to be seen.  Perhaps the joy that flooded into my soul will linger from the visit.
Finally at 1:30 PM the kiln has reached its temperature of 2165 degrees F!   A 14 hour firing.
The Kiln Gods can now take a relax.

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