Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kathryn McBride

Kathryn McBride "Loaded with Potential"

Kathryn Mc Bride left us for the Great Kilns in the Sky this winter 2012. 
A kind and generous person who created wonderful and poetic tromp l"oeil sculpture has been taken from this world.  She was the type of person and artist who wanted to talk about your work.  She was humble, kind and extremely gifted. These are the types that seem to get out fast.

I feel her spirit above me in the Pacific air,in the light dancing off the ocean.  She inspired us with her grace and her poetry. The craftsmanship within her works is remarkable.  Her poetic narrative is captivating.
 I want to see more of her work.  She left some beautiful art behind and touched many students at Cabrillo College along with all her compadres. She made her beautiful mark.
 I wish I had known her better.  We shared the same alma mater, SFSU. 
She made us all proud.

 To know the artist is something special, a hidden peek within the CREATIVE.  She is one of our own and it is a heavy loss. The beautiful delicacy of her spirit will remain.

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